koumatsuuoka asked: 23

probably exactly what im blogging about now

just more anime

Anonyme asked: 69

blogging about all 10,000 cats i would own at that point

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Anonyme asked: 30

blogging about how i still live with my mom probably

and anime

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Anonyme asked: 11

like the last 4 have been 11/12 so i’ll just answer both here because they’re both the same

still a weaboo but was mostly consistent with legend of zelda and hetalia 

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Anonyme asked: 47

probably be blogging about taxes idk

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nepetaorquinny asked: 9!!

i came into righteous weabooness around this time so (it’s also when i started watching anime online HM)

so it’d probably be like higurashi, fma, and gankutsuou 

alijan-sugino asked: What program do u use to make your art move like that

i used a japanese program called emofuri if youre interested but don’t know japanese there are a few english tutorials floating around to help

ok people actually said they wanted to see it so here it is, my outlast stream highlights. (warning: I scream a lot in the beginning, also i swear a lot, also this game is 99% blood and gore)