john was 43 weeks pregnant and crabby

*kisses u on the forehead* i'm so happy and proud to where you got to i started following u like three years ago

holy shit you brave soldier, how’ve you stuck around so long (on a serious note tho: wow thank you so freaking much this honestly makes me incredibly elated to hear!)

and im a big baby who tears whenever someone says their proud of me o hg od

Hello it's me again I just came here to say that I love the rendition of Stars that plays on your blog! (I was on my phone when I discovered your blog so I didn't get to enjoy it in it's marvelous entirety) QuQ god bless for your talent and taste.

aaAA HAAA i’m glad someone finally acknowledged it! I love chiptune renditions a lot and stars is one of my favourite songs (and from my favourite musical haha)

(also here’s the person who made it too u vu)

Hello! Oh goodness you're art is so adorable and I couldn't help but follow you!!! You're drawings are so precious and I cannot wait too see more! (*≧▽≦)

aaaahhh!! thanks so much that means a lot to me! ; v;  <3

Can you do one of digby pls i love him

a gijinka of him? if so i actually did one of him and isabelle like 9 months ago :0!

Excuse me, I saw your designs of Reese and Cyrus, and they're so cute. So, I wanted to ask you if it was okay for other person to cosplay them. Thank you for your time.

sure, i don’t see why not!

#cyrus #he has 4 ears #why

because this is gonna be a cosplay and i don’t think my sisters boyfriend wants to cut off his ears


oh gosh thank you so much to everyone who commissioned as well as signal boosted my post that went a lot quicker then i was expecting!

okay im probably just gonna put the rest in a photoset to save from spamming you guys slowly ffff

I can see you as a Merrow or a Satyr