yeah about the last post which tons of people have pointed out: you can contact them via email which is under the contact button (which people have missed because im ngl its not as obvious and can be easily overlooked)

also it’s something i missed the first time i looked? 

thelaundryghoul asked: Can you explain to me what the heck potion seller is? I looked it up on google but I'm not even sure what the original thing is.

it’s this really ridiculous video of a dude messing around with his webcam and rping a knight and a potion seller

he gets pretty into it

Anonyme asked: im hobophobic but i believe in gay marriage


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a-person-who-dances asked: Hey just wanted to say I love the pixels on your side bar and your icon. Princess Tutu is one of my favourite animes ever.

thank you!!! oh man im always happy to see other tutu fans (it’s one of my favourites as well!) :’V

Anonyme asked: Bc of you I started watching princess tutu thanks so much <3

IM GLAD i hope you enjoy it cause dang it’s one of my favourites ; <;

Anonyme asked: so the first thing that I always notice in your art is that your colors/palettes are very vibrant and unique and just overall super beautiful! I'm actually struggling getting my colors not to look so muddy and trying to get a grasp on color theory. how does your coloring process usually go about and do you have any tips? sorry if that's kinda a loaded question but even if you don't have an answer I appreciate it anyways! :)

I’m ngl I have a pretty poor sense of colour theory myself and basically all my knowledge of it comes from a grade 9 art class I took once and some online tutorials ;; (tbh I always recommend checking out purplekecleon’s “how i see color” tutorial since it gives a pretty good run down explaining things like values and colour harmony, as well as other stuff. Its pretty text heavy but gives some good advice)

Besides that though my go to advice will always be to observe artists you admire! look at their art and try and figure out how they make certain colours work, and then try and apply it to your own! In terms of just understanding colour better too i totally suggest landscape/environment type paintings as practice (from photos or irl, doesn’t matter. just make sure the photo you’re referencing isn’t using filters for some obvious reasons) they’re what i’ve been doing lately and it’s helped a lot!

it’s totally just hit and miss, you really can’t go wrong. And as for my OWN colouring progress then dang heres a run down how this stuff goes:

Afficher davantage

magicbunnyart replied to your post: certifiedfouryearold said:Your Ca…

Your fanart of them seriously was the best I loved it *_* the fandom stopped me from drawing fanart too…pretty much every reblog had comments on it that would attack/shame me if it wasn’t their personal headcannon :/

; o; aw gosh ty (the feeling it mutual your art of them was grand!)

but yeaaah same i mean it was fun for awhile but it got negative fast, too many passive aggressive comments got me to kinda stop enjoying drawing them, which sucks, but eh shit happens