ok people actually said they wanted to see it so here it is, my outlast stream highlights. (warning: I scream a lot in the beginning, also i swear a lot, also this game is 99% blood and gore)

agneyastara asked: we should be becomes friends quick otherwise this kidding will go STONE COLD

the contracts been made, no backing out now

angelbabi161616 asked: hi do u take requests for art or do u strictly just do on commissions only?

yeaaah sorry, i don’t do requests! ; o;

scullythankyoumoreplease asked: Thank you for the response! I meant that as a "note to self look up layer" comment but you took the time to answer my question thank you so much ;o;

it’s no problem!! i saw it in my notes and thought i could just answer since it’s just a simple yes or no response hahaha!!! 

and thats my art spam for today thank u [drops mic]

star-ishtar asked: I might have to ask that we fight to the death over who gets to be the spouse of our wife, good Airinn.

the waifu war begins