oh gosh thank you so much to everyone who commissioned as well as signal boosted my post that went a lot quicker then i was expecting!

okay im probably just gonna put the rest in a photoset to save from spamming you guys slowly ffff

I can see you as a Merrow or a Satyr


moth person or naga!!


heck yes omg

when did you hannibal

like last year during first season where you been at

what is yr icon


Hi there, I'm wondering if it would be okay to use some of your art as icons/sidebars as long as I credit you? Just wanted to ask first because I don't want to use your work without your permission.

hey yeah please go right ahead, thanks for asking first!

checking tumblr before bed and there’s just 80 posts that say m’lady

whispers airinn are you currently studying art?

oh man, currently no! haha maybe one day though

doctor-bees replied to your post: i’ve honestly never been this distraug…

we are only just beginning